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TradeShow Marketing  
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Recently I worked my first IMTS trade show since 2008 and I had the time of my life. I mean I thoroughly enjoyed it. As an independent marketing consultant, I often work by myself. At IMTS, I worked with a team of salesmen and engineers from KGK and Seibu Electric. It was a great experience organizing the team where they looked to you for direction and leadership. There were no egos on this team but a group of guys willing to do whatever it takes to have a successful show.

When I worked my last IMTS show social media didn't exist like we know it. Once the show started, my cell phone was always in my hand. When I wasn’t talking with attendees, I took the opportunity to consistently take exhibit photos and videos while posting them with hash tags to the company's social networks like FaceBook, Twitter & Instagram. I hired a professional speaker to give live presentations and encouraged show attendees to take photos/videos of her and our exhibit and post them to their own social networks. Between presentations, I had our speaker do shorter product presentations that I videod on a HD video camera where I’ll posted to the company's YouTube Channel. Since we had LED spots on the products, the video lighting was near perfect so the videos looked pristine.

As an Internet marketing consultant, I really enjoy working at trade shows. There's a buzz in the air, enjoy meeting new people, working with a team and the home run is getting attendees in the booth and generating business.

LinkedIn Header  
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Have you noticed any of your LinkedIn connections with a background image on their profile? LinkedIn now lets anyone upload an image to their account. The background photo appears above the top section of your profile. The image should be 1400 x 425 pixels and either a JPEG, GIF or PNG formats can be used. It's a good idea to upload a custom image that reflects your profession. A creative high quality image can make your LinkedIn profile stand out from the crowd.

10 LinkedIn Tips You Must Know About  
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LinkedIn Logo.svgLinkedIn is an online networking site where you can engage and build your business connections. Roughly one million new members join every week. Think of it as an online rolodex or the FaceBook for business.

Below are 10 tips that will better optimize your LinkedIn profile.

1. Customize your LinkedIn URL. To do this go to Profile - edit my profile - public profile (edit) - in the right hand column click on the link customize my public profile and type in your name. If your name is available, your new LinkedIn URL will be http://www.linkedin.com/in/yourname. You can add this simpler URL to your business card and your e-mail signature.

2. Post occasional updates to your profile which can include a hyperlink which launches the browser to another website with additional info. about something that you are working on, achieved or info that your LinkedIn network may find helpful. To share an update click on the Home tab and click inside the share an update box and tell the LinkedIn community what you are working on.

3. Use descriptive keywords in your headline. Use words that people would use to find you on an Internet search. Be sure to skip the corporate jargon like hard worker, team leader or my favorite "problem solver". To do this click on Profile - edit profile, next to your name click edit - next to Professional "Headline" add keywords that describe your area of business expertise.

4. Request recommendations from employers or customers. These recommendations will show up on your profile and be used as references. The request recommendation link is located to the right of your profile "Ask for Recommendations".

5. Add your company website and customize it with descriptive text. To do this go to profile - websites (edit) - under additional information websites click other and type in keywords that describe your site and add your website URL in the next box.

6. Add secondary e-mail addresses to your account. This will make it easier for your friends to find you in the LinkedIn network. To do this, click Home - Your name (in the upper right corner) - settings - Account - add & change e-mail address - type in any additional e-mail addresses you use and click the "add e-mail address button".

7. Join a group. By joining a group, you can network with its members and also request them to join your LinkedIn network.

8. Add WordPress, Twitter or other applications to your LinkedIn Profile by accessing the More tab key. For example if you add the WordPress app, your latest WordPress blog post will appear on your LinkedIn profile.

9. Answer and ask questions by clicking on the More key and again on Answers. Share your area of expertise with the LinkedIn community and who knows you could develop relationships which can lead to business.

10. LinkedIn is also a great network to find & post a job. Click on the Job tab key and search for the type of job you are looking for or for $195 you can post a job opening to the LinkedIn community.

What people are really saying about poorly designed websites  
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embarassedIs your website old, poorly designed and not up on the times. Then there is a good chance your customers, co-workers and friends are probably saying the following:

How to know if you have a good website?  
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web designAs a business owner or marketing manager, how do know if you have a good website? Do people tell you based on design of your site? If your business sells a service or product, a good website will generate sales leads from the site. How is this done? 

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