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FusionTech Marketing F.A.Q.

1. Why use me?

Unlike agencies I don’t pass the work to ”junior” SEO marketers. I am the one that works on your account. My niche is B2B industrial Internet marketing. If you understand that Internetmarketing success takes time in building quality inbound content, then we will have a great business relationship.Since over 90% of potential B2B buyers will research online, it’s important for your business to get found and turn that browser it into a sales lead.

2. What are your credentials

I have 25+ years of technical, sales and marketing experience.

3. How do you bill?

For consulting, training and drip marketing I bill at the end of the month after the service has been rendered. For project based services like Power Points, flyers and website designs, I required 50% and balance due 30 days after the project is completed.

4. How did you get started in Internet marketing?

In the early years of Internet search I asked why do some websites show up ahead of others. I discovered it was a combination of search engine optimization, page rank and creating quality content. I became extremely passionate about this new form of marketing and later left the company I was working for and started my own consulting company.

5. How did you get the name FusionTech Marketing?

FusionTech Marketing was a unique name with no search engine competition. I knew would come up first for this branded search phrase and I still do.

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